Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Don't Miss Today

I don't feel as I have much to say to the outside world this week. Least of all anything of much value or interest.
The majority if not all of my thought has been taken up with plans for our show in Newcastle which is only getting nearer.

I have finally formalized my plans for my part of this show.

I don't have masses to say, some words, some pictures...

In Answer:

A letter from an Inuit artist to a potential collector:

' wrote. I am answering a short letter . I read your letter. I do not recall your name... I am thankful to you to be interested in my carvings. I will carve, please do not doubt my words, now I do not have good stone. It is still winter. In July I will have good stone. The stone used now by Eskimos here is not good. I do not enjoy working poor stone. Do not get tired of waiting for my work. The white people will soon refuse our carvings if we use poor stone. I am not doing much carving now, also I am a slow worker. I like to think of something that would please the buyer... Please answer me soon. I like to hear form you. Do not doubt my words I will do some carvings for you. My hands are slow. Let me know if any carvings... were broken. I have not been carving much now for two years...'
[Emphasis Mine]

A Recipe:

6 cloves of roasted garlic
1 large roasted pimento sweet pepper
1 large red roasted chilli
fry with:

olive oil
about 50 fine green beans, topped and tailed
1 can of spinach leaves
tablespoon of peanut butter
sprinkle of pepper, oregano, dill
tablespoon of brown soft sugar

100g bulger wheat
boiled with teaspoon of vegetable stock


some pictures:


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