Friday, 24 July 2009


Going to keep it short and sweet this week - after last weeks rambleathon.

First off I'm just going to mention a few Nous Vous related things, we've just learnt that our new book 'Lot Nine' has been featured in the latest edition of Creative Review. Big thanks to Patrick & CR team for that.

Last night was the opening of 'We are the Friction' a new book by Jez Burrows & Lizzy Stewart, collaboratively known as Sing Statistics. They've put some hard graft into producing it, looks like it's gong to be a brilliant publication, haven't actually seen it yet - but with the line-up of Illustrators (Including us) & Writers they've slected to contribute - it couldn't possibly be bad, especially since they're a veritably talented duo anyway.

The Amazing Analogue books (Edinburgh) is hosting an exhibition of the orginal works submitted to the book. Ltd editions of the illustrations made for the book, the book and the originals are all for sale. Pop along if you're in the area and check out the site below if you'd like to know more details.

'We are the Friction'
New Book and Exhibition
Analogue Books, Edinburgh
July 23 - August 31

I'm now going to host a little exhibition of works that have really made me grumble, made me grumble because they're so good that it i'm irritates me - makes me want to pull my socks up in the best poissible way. Inspiration central:

1. Artist Unkown - Found via < href="">Stefan Marx
3. Stefan Marx
4. Jaakko Pallasvuo
5. Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch
6. Luke Best
7. Himaa
8. Kai Asserson Nødland
9. Doris Lee
10. Nick Cortese
11. Kai Asserson Nødland
12. Nathaniel Russell
13. Chris Johanson
14. Carson Ellis

That about rounds it up, I've been working on a drawing for the last couple of days. A drawing documenting Victorian Chaps with their Sparrow chums - composed like a group shot that you might expect to see from that era, alluding to the existence of a Victorian Mens club - all members of which have their personal Sparrow friend. Here's a practice
sketch I've done, there will be 17 Gentlemen & Sparrow composed in one image and it will be previewed in our 'Massive Contact' Exhibition in Newcastle's Square Yard Gallery, on August 14th.

Have a lovely weekend.

J x

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