Thursday, 30 July 2009


Today I and the rest of Nous Vous, and other people were shown around Temple Works in Leeds, which is an amazing space in Holbeck. Apart from it being a great space, and huge and possibly turned into a creative centre, what I found fascinating was that nothing has been touched in the rooms for a few years, and there's still letters in drawers and bits of paper lying around with things like 'CHILD LUNGS' and 'WRONG PICTOGRAM IN SHOE' written on. I actually got a bit scared. It was like Silent Hill or something, and i half-expected some zombos to come lurching out of the darkness or something. But if things get going with it, it'll be ace.

I have been getting into The Craftsman' by Richard Sennett this week. I remember someone blogging about it on Its Nice That a few months back, and thought about it when I was a bit drunk the other night and happened to be on Amazon. Could have been a recipe for disaster, thought I might get some ridiculous purchases through the post like a Jurassic Park box set or something, but as it was I only got sensible things. I'm really into this book, and it confirms loads of stuff that i'm thinking about / believe in. Its good to hear someone else who is a lot older than yourself and infinitely more experienced talking about things you are also into. Good advice. Crucial. Buy it / Borrow it / Steal it.

Still working towards this Newcastle exhibition, got some sketches here of stuff I may work into bigger stuff. Basically most of my work has ended up being based on 2 pages from Peter Camenzind by Hermann Hesse, and Ivor Cutler. Going a bit better though now,

So hopefully we will have enough stuff to make the space feel sort of used. I'll post up some more things next week, but not too much. Been making some test zines which i messed up a bit, so will get them up for sale asap and i'll take some to the show.

Oh yeah, thiought this was interesting, and tied in with the book i'm reading too...what he's actually saying probably only lasts like 5 minutes without the jokes, but still worth a watch perhaps....

Ok thats all from me this week i think


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Elina Minn said...

ahhh those new paintings are lovely!

they remind me of old book covers that i might have found in my grandma's library.. or at the thrift store, some swedish pocket book from the sixties that i would admire and be like, should i buy this just for the sake of the cover being so nice but then make myself put it down because i'd most likely never read it and maybe just take a photo of it with my cel phone to remember it's niceness..