Friday, 31 July 2009


I'm posting late today, my computer broke early this morning, which to me is an absolute DISASTER! especially when I have lots of jobs stacking up & an exhibition looming. I've apprehended my girlfriends' laptop for the evening, it's 10.30 on a Friday evening, most people would generally be out socialising and enjoying merriment with their chums. I however am going to write this blog, solemn as I'm painting this picture to be, I've actually had a relatively fruitful day, I made the most out of my situation by concentrating on a painting I'm producing for our Massive Contact show making good headway on it. I'll post pictures next week, hopefully when my computer will be fixed and I'll be pressing on with the ever mounting commercial work we have on, which is great, it's just not great to not be able to get my teeth into it all.

Anyway, I sometimes walk to work in favour of cycling, simply to allow some time for thought and reflection before entering the studio to begin work. It takes around 40 mins to walk, which is more than adequate time to engage in some deep thought. However, I walk down a busy main road, one of the main access points to the city center for commuters, so as you might imagine along this route with so many cars traveling down it, it's the perfect place to place advertisements on every available wall space, not pleasant, the adverts are generally for mobile phone services and fast food takeaways, not things I'd say had a very creative marketing approach at the moment - personally, most simply replicate one another - attempt to work with the familiarity / security developed in the consumer by doing so. This doesn't please me. As I was walking along when the road sides begin to become occupied by trees instead of buildings soiled with advertising, there was a solitary bus stop with a poster on it:

Really nice refreshing piece of work, strategically placed for maximum impact. Commissioned by the good old BBC to promote educational show 'Bang goes the theory' about science. It's genuinely encouraging to see good work done for a good cause, it's nice to see promotion of education, especially when it's free to watch online. I'll tell you who the poster is by, if I can find out before my next post. But great whoever you are. Reminds me of Olle Eksell.

I managed to put my zine together 'Yuquot - Nootka Sound' it's available to purchase from the nous vous shop now - see site for additional details. You can view images of it on my flickr.

Goodnight & good weekend


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Goodnight & good weekend
Buenas noches y buen fin de semana!