Thursday, 17 September 2009


I'm back. I've been busy practising and playing some festivals with a band i'm helping out. Good, fun times but also tiring and kind of expensive times all things considered. So i've literally not done a lot at all in the way of drawing, just been working on jobs in the studio with NV. Also going on a bit of a music drive at the moment, finishing off some recording, and starting to plan gigs with my band Glaciers. Playing in Portugal at the end of October too which will be lovely. 

My head has been really full of work things recently so had little time to think and breathe. So hopefully this weekend I can get back on stuff I want to do, and plan the next few months out a bit.

Stuff i've seen and liked and done in the last few weeks:

Friends (not the programme)
Wildbirds and Peacedrums
Quack Quack
Kedgeries in the morning
Bob Lind
A lot of dancing
Mud wrestling
The Castle by Franz Kafka
A presentation in BSL
Hitting drums

Anyway, i'm still not in blog mode really and i'd like to scan some stuff in or post some images up of stuff i have seen and liked and made but i really don't think it'd be worth it. Just time for my favourite photo from the last two weeks...

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