Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Imagine it's Friday, imagine a man who thinks it's Friday because he's been working too much and has his days mixed up. As Nous Vous say 'A day's a day'.

Yes I missed my post last week so thought I'd pop a blog today instead. Again I have been very busy - one job down and one to go. Exciting. After which time I'll be taking that down time I mentioned in my previous blog - with a view to drawing and preparing for a personal project we collectively have in mind - and are very keen to get into. Alongside another couple of my own personal projects. 3 people just aren't enough for the work we've had on - or it could be the case that we have made it too much work for ourselves being characteristically over ambitious. Or it is enough work for 3 people who don't want to do anything but work.

Here's a little bit of what we've been working on. They're a set of Flyers / Postcards for this years Light Night 9th October - for Leeds City Council. We've created a set of 4 Postcards, if you'd like to collect them all you'll have to negotiate your way around venues in Leeds and search them out. We didn't want them to be as throwaway as flyers generally are - so we made them into postcards and have hopefully made them collectible. One of the stipulations in this years promotion was that it had to be economically friendly as well as environmentally friendly. We printed them onto FSC paper stock using Soya based inks.

We came up with the strapline 'See things differently', which in all fairness has probably been used lots and lots of times. Nevertheless we thought it was fitting and wanted to focus on how you would experience the City on this one evening and how your perspective is changed - we focused the campaign on this idea. We used upcoming events from this years Light Night, whereas in the past the marketing has focussed upon what happened last year as a device to promote the coming year. We felt it would be more appropriate to look forward to what is going to happen rather than reflect upon has happened.

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