Friday, 21 August 2009


First off I have to apologise on behalf of myself, Nicolas and William for not posting for the last couple of weeks. We've been busy busy in Newcastle & London. All good though, me and Nic returned on the train, Will has headed up to Green man festival for the weekend. Nic lost part of his ticket on the train, so it was an exciting ride back, Nic was convinced he was going to be thrown off the train - luckily the conducter was so busy chatting to someone else whilst we were handing him our tickets he didn't notice the missing element of the ticket and the excitment was over. What a story that was... tumble tumble.

My head is literally full of things to say. So much so that I couldn't possibly begin to recall everything and had thought that the other chaps might have been able to post before me and aleviate me feeling as if I must inform you of everything that has happened these past 2 weeks.

I'll attempt to mention things in a list and go into it where necessary:

• Setting up our exhibition - building about 50% of work on site - tired
• Drank most evenings - which is rare
• Shared chats with Ruth, Noel & Iris on evenings - stayed at their place. Very nice.
• Met up and had dinner with Ant Macari, a friend who particpated in Morphic Resonance.
• Went to the Baltic - Seen Sarah Sze's show - which blew our collective brain - highly recommend it.
• Tired!
- 'A Duck for Mr.Darwin' was also on at the Baltic a group show a few of the pieces are really worth making a trip to Newcastle for. Namely Marcus Coates video work, Ben Jeans Houghtons (who we met on the Friday night - nice chap) Shed & Conrad Shaws performance / video / found object work.
• Drank lots of coffee at cafĂ© attached to 'Alt' the nice record store and what has recently become Workspaces satelitte gallery.
• Took the metro
• Rachel & Laura Lancaster, Richard Rigg who we were familiar with also from Morphic Resonance came to the opening - had an opportunity to catch up / chat with them.
• Did a talk - got asked interesting questions
• Met a girl who bought my Sing Statistics drawing in Analogue books.
• Nic and Will played an improvised set and made alot of noise.
• Got really drunk and went home.
• Tired!
• I'm sure there's more but i forget.

• Went to Design Museum - got dissapointed by the show on - thought it was going to be amazing from what I had read and looked at online but it was all a deception. The actual exhibition is very uncohesive and a bit overbearing.
• Went to Tate Nic and Will visited the main exhibition and I looked at the free bits, bit disappointed because I'd seen it all before. Sat outside and read in the Sun.
• Met with Contemporary Art Society to look at their office and discuss a project we're doing with them next January. Looking forward to getting stuck into this one.
• Tired!
• Went to the British Museum. Astonishing! We all went in the 'Garden & Cosmos - The royal paintings of Jodhpur' exhibtion - which I highly recommend. Extremely detailed paintings / illustrations full of colour - detailing the happenings of the Maharaja and his court. The illustrations are really detailed and intense - I got tired looking at them after the first 5 or so, had to take a break and continue - that's how detailed they are.
• Went to watch Grizzly Bear at Koko's in Camden - wicked!
• Met with Danielle at KKOutlet, very nice shop / project space indeed, we may be doing a project there next year, proposal pending.
• Tired!
• Went to the New YCN hangout and had a look around - this also looks very nice, worth a trip.
• Walked around Covent Garden for a bit - had a look in Magma.
• Met up and spent the evening with Luke Best, bumped into Alex & Hattie, Chris Clarke as well as a few of their chums and had a very nice evening indeed.

I'm sure the other chaps will extend upon what I have mentioned, but I'm reluctent to give detailed accounts / reviews of everything that has transpired over the last couple of weeks because I'd have to write an essay about it all. All in all it's been a very enjoyable / productive couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into work again.

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