Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Don't Miss Today

I've missed a couple.
I've been away, building houses, exciting my heart and joying up.
This will be a bit of a photo bomb, with a few thoughts and words and explanations.

I made a collage of things found on my desk to some up the past couple of weeks.

Palagipsee Eglot
I made a zine, I need to photograph and I will put some better pictures up over on my own personal blog where it will then be on sale. Limited edition of 25 copies. A few screen shots below, tease...

Massive Contact

Our time in Newcastle was hecka tight. The show in my opinion was a real success. Below are quite a few photos, mainly of my work, I'm hoping the boys will blog their work and we will put up some full show pictures soon on the site. I was really stoked with my house and boat went, considering I had no plans and little idea how much wood there would be. Wood would be wood. Thanks to Dawn for assistance.

British Museum

The British Museum is insane. I've never been there before and got extreme excitement flutter heart. Like library times ten. The amount of stuff in there is mad. As Jay mentioned we went to the Garden and Cosmos show, which I blogged about a while ago, and that was simply incredible, the most intensely beautiful things I have ever seen.
There was some really fascinating displays on the Americas and Egypt also. I look forward to these visions filtering through to something that manifest itself soon.
+more booties

Green Man

In a hedonistic climax to an epic couple of weeks I went to Green Man festival. Other people will do far better reviews so I won't try, Andrew Bird was mesmerising, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Fourtet, Dirty Three and Peter Broderick where all amazing. I spent the weekend with some really beautiful people and had a supremely lovely time, thanks to them, the bands (who obviously simply for me), The Brecon Beacons and Whiskey.

I feel a bit spent after the last two and a half weeks, hence my lack of interesting thoughts, if , indeed, they ever are interesting. All my thinking of the last few months turned into doing and then done, so I need to get back on the think train, this train sure is free.
I hope to give a few more thoughts soon and some words on interesting projects I have planned or am taking part in, it feels silly to talk about them when they are simply little olive stones of thought, with fruity goodness built up around them.

Shooting Stars tonight and Sleep.

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