Friday, 26 June 2009

Frigg In Progress...

I'll make this brief because I'm busy. Essentially because I'm in the midst of finishing the manual processes we are applying to our book 'Lot Nine' to finish it off, post printing.

I've literally just taken a break to put some photo's in progress up here for my Friday blog, I don't think I'll have time today to mention anything else in any detail.

Here's some photo's in the midst.

Books / Selection of spreads

I'll just quickly explain what we're doing right now. We received the book back this morning, very last minute operation... We're applying a few post production finishing touches to the book:

1. We're applying a black (electrical tape) cross to the front, representing the tent which we inhabited and used as a studio for the last couple of weeks of the project. The tent had a cross section similar to the one we're applying, the actual book's dimensions are the same as the space 'Lot Nine' which we occupied over the the cross is placed in the position the tent was.

2. We've cut down the work produced in the show, some simple illustrations, and we've screen printed a cross over them effectively voiding them. This is placed over the cross and should cover it entirely but is removable.

3. We're carefully going to wrap the books in the bubble wrap used to define the studio tent space. Essentially the bubble wrap was used as walls for the tent, containing us in the space... now it will contain the book and be sealed with silver duct tape as was the tent.

And that's that. We'll get some decent photo's up on our website as soon as we have them. I'm getting back on it now, lots to do and Nic and Will are looking at me not doing anything towards it...

Have a good weekend...

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