Friday, 5 June 2009


Friday POETS Day.

POETS day is a term used by workers in England and Australia, to jocularly refer to Friday as the last day of the work week. The letters in "POETS" are an acronym for "Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday": hence Friday becomes a Poet's day. Variations on this are "Punch Out Early Tomorrow's Saturday" (referring to a manual punch time clock), "Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday" and "Push Off Early Tomorrow's Sunday" (based on the old 6 day work week). - Wikipedia

I'm going to begin my post by citing a couple of interesting things close to home. The first is a double launch which happened Friday last week. The launch of Hell Yes! a collaborative curating project by Joe Mawson and Rhiannon Silver, they've utilised their exhibition space in PSL as a Gallery within a Gallery and have programmed a series of events that will take place over the coming weeks leading up to the end of the Morphic Resonance Project. The Design work for the duo being created by the talented Joe Gilmore, who is also currently helping design the new Grafik magazine website and will be working with us on Pocket-Sized 2.

Hell Yes's first exhibition was the launch of 'Sammelbände' the second book published by Leeds based artist consortium A Latento, made up of 3 artists Harry Meadley, Alex Farrar and Iona Smith very nice guys and very talented artists. They've been frequently exhibiting in Leeds for the past few years, their work is often (but not exclusively) based on forms of exchange, Harry runs a prize for Foundation Art & Design students, Alex encouraged the University of Sheffield Table Tennis Team to become an artwork for a year a contract was signed by Alex and the team detailing obligations, Iona went about twinning societies, objects, trades, towns, buildings, etc and also having them sign contractual obligations between the twinned parties encouraging them to eat and talk together. The consortium's work is referencial of one another, although they never work on projects together, the dialogue between them and the exchange of ideas and methods they share among each other is a very interesting approach to working together. There is obviously alot more in the publication basically documenting artworks, e-mail dialogues, talks, conversations, alot of the posits between them initiating work and realising it. It's self published, but highly refined. Edition of 100 and only £6, I suggest you invest in one; here.

It's the Leeds Metropolitan University Degree shows this evening which I'm looking forward to.

I'd very much Like to re-iterate on Nic's suggestion of going to 'The Russian Linesman' - Mark Wallinger's exhibition in Leeds Art Gallery. It blew my mind, he was also good enough to come to the opening of Morphic Resonance.

I've been working on our Publication for the Morphic Resonance finalé. We're documenting elements of our activity over the last 12 weeks in a largely visual book, very excited about this. We'll have more details soon.

A few NV notices, we've just done an interview with Amelias magazine which you can read online here.

And our 'Heavy Bone' Show at Analogue books, Edinburgh is ending tomorrow :-(. Was really an honor to be exhibited there amongst a really good linage of fantastic artists. Brilliant Shop / Gallery! Wish there was one in Leeds.

I'm also personally working on some new stuff towards a zine I hope to get out, wouldn't place your bets on seeing it as a very quickly get tired of my personal work. I enjoy doing it more than looking at it. It's called 'Skin Diver' or 'These aren't just gears, These are Shimano Gears'. Based loosely on a 1970's Super8 12 minute documentary / promotional film 'Neptune's Playland' about the growing tourist industry in Bermuda in the 70's.

Here's some images anyway.

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