Thursday, 4 June 2009


Hello Thursday..!
I thought i'd carry on with the format set by Will of beginning with a short piece of found text. This one is a quote from a character in a PG Wodehouse novel...

Anyway, this week I have also found 'South Pacific' fascinating, and the first episode is probably the best thing I have ever seen. But it has already been discussed so I won't go into that too much. Something else that was quite interesting was 'Meet the British' on BBC 4; lots of previously unseen (in this country) archive footage of government films made to foster good relations with the rest of the world, and to show people what Britain was like. I was especially moved by the description of microwaving (in a restaurant kitchen!) that stated, "it's rather like boiling something from the inside, in its own natural juices". Pretty spot on, but makes you regret all those microwave dinners. The brilliant footage was somewhat marred by the horrible titles, but still very entertaining.

Things I have found interesting recently:

The Smithsonian Archives - a huge collection of online images of artists related to the Smithsonian Institute

Cabinet Magazine - if you're not familiar with this, an extremely interesting periodical which is worth subscribing to. It's not about cabinets either...

The Russian Linesman - Mark Wallinger's exhibition came to Leeds a couple of weeks ago. Awesome. One of the things that worries me about the internet is that there is so much information out there it's almost enough to overwhelm you and to make you give up before you start researching anything (well to me anyway). What I like about Wallinger's curation, and Cabinet's for that matter, is that information is presented and connected in really intriguing ways. Curating information is pretty important with so much to look at.

Other things I am looking at: Jaako Pallasvuo does lots of good things. Julia Selin makes a huge speaker out of a cone...

If You Could Collaborate - My friend Julien Vallee asked me to become involved in the 'If You Could' exhibition taking place in January next year. We're basing our idea on this

And Finally. If i've not bored you enough already, some sketches and things I am going to be doing.

Also planning to make a series of left and right-eyed drawings called Stereoscopes...

Really finally...I liked this seemingly casual statement about art i found on a design competition website (incheon)...seems to resonate with my idea of contemporary art and design, and the sometimes over-dependence on concept.

"It's not the idea which is the art,
It's more the way somebody handles the idea that makes art."

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