Sunday, 22 November 2009


We've recently departed our studio and have been working autonomously on a few projects, as well as keeping up with our commercial practice remotely. It's been a strange period of adjustment for us all, but we're finally gaining pace again. We left the studio because we felt we were beginning to take things a little too seriously and it wasn't helping our collective practice, friendship and most of all - it was impeding enjoyment of our practice. We make taking periods of adjustment and evaluation part of our practice from time to time. It helps greatly in keeping things fresh and exciting for ourselves as well people we collaborate / work with.

Nic & Will have organised a night this Tuesday (November 24th) at A Nation of Shopkeepers, showcasing their personal bands as well as our close friend Mechanical Owl (Mike), under the collective musical ensemble 'Hair Piece Champion'. They have both been taking some time to plan our show in January as well as further exploring their personal interests.

I have been working closely with theartmarket & Kunstfreund Gallery / Zoe Sawyer, Jess Young & Jen Conway in getting the new unit open. We've all been building, programming and promoting. I have organised a series of events which will span Dec 2009 - April 2010 called Draft. It's a series of one night showcases for Leeds based illustrators, I produced a set of screen printed posters (below) and intend to finish a publication showcasing all contributing illustrators this week. The events will exhibit 4 illustrators in one evening, after which the artwork will be moved to Opposite Café to remain on display until the following event the following month. 1st Draft 10th December 09 includes: Matt Hodson, Cameron Steward, Gareth Brew and our very own Nicolas Burrows.

Below: Shot of new spaces' new walls. Built by the talented Tom Railton, with a little bit of assistance from myself, Zoe, Jess & Jen.

Below: Shot of counter I helped build with Zo as well as bookshelf (right), which fits perfectly into window frame - nice.

Here's a line-up of events happening at theartmarket & Kunstfreund Gallery before Christmas & The new address:
theartmarket &
Kunstfreund Gallery
Unit 60/61/62/63
The Merrion Market
Leeds. LS2 8DB

Cartune Xprez - 25th November 09 - 6pm - 9pm
Really looking forward to this - check out the video samples on their website - amazing stuff and a great line-up of artists being showcased. They'll be showcasing some animations and doing a live performance.

Draft - 10.12.09 - 6pm - 8pm

Fresh Leaf - 11/12.12.09 - 12pm - 5pm
A 2 day zine & artist multiple fair, with stalls from numerous local and regional zine & multiple makers. This will be the first in a series of artist multiple sales in the space.

Have a safe / ace week.

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