Monday, 19 October 2009

Falafel King

We're on our way down to Bristol not next weekend but weekend after 31st Oct. As well as attempting to enjoy what Bristol has to offer culturally, we'll be selling some of our zines etc at 'Spike Island book and Zine Fair'. There's a really great line-up of artists and publishers, last year it was loads of fun - very much recommended. This year they'll be doing talks, showcases etc - so there'll be lots of interesting things going on throughout the day. Additional info here.

I suspect we'll be paying an unhealthy amount of visits to Bristol's notorious 'Falafel King' - best street food vendor in the country. Well I reckon anyway.

Another thing of note I've come across recently was this piece of Design by artist 'Tom Miles', not even a designer and he's doing better than us supposed pro's. Nice considered use of type not to mention colour and paper stock makes for a really nice collectable item for my reference material. The events themselves are a series of one night exhibitions / showcases for up until this point - Leeds based artists. By curator / artist Harry Meadley & his Girlfriend / artist / fashionista Rachel Carter, really nice invite only evenings - a good time shared amongst peers, friends and enthusiasts.

I watched Up in 3D the Saturday evening. very much recommend seeing it. Pixar have got this one spot om - such a considered and impressive all rounder, there's good LOL humor as well as an effective, convincing and moving narrative. The characters are a really nice unusual, refreshing bunch who play off nicely amongst each other, the action and entertainment literally doesn't stop.

I've been working on a few things towards our upcoming January show in the 'Contemporary Arts Society' office in London - our artistic arm extended. Basically developing some typographic based posters by hand rendering and steering away from the computer but trying to adhere to that aesthetic - trying to develop ideas as much by the doing of it, the practical element as well as the basic and simple idea behind it. Letting the process inform my ideas. I'll get some pics up soon - it's a bit of a deviation of what you might usually expect to see from myself - or not...???

Also received our complimentary copy of 'Made and Sold' a book we have a few things featured in. All in all it's a really nice book, the concept behind it is really refreshing also post 3D Graphic Design books we seem to have been featured in alot recently. Nice to submit some of our other practice. It's home to images of self initiated projects by Graphic Designers / Studios, entrepreneurial enterprises in order to make a few pennies on the side - like ourselves. omething I always find interesting. Something I'll definitely be picking up regularly. Designed and written by Fl@33 Visual Communication studio - very impressive doing the design as well as writing the content all very cohesive. Good Job all round!

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