Friday, 25 September 2009


Weeks go by so quickly now - I barely register them. Nevermind. Well... as William Mentioned we've all but finished one of the major commissions we've had on recently and I find myself vigorously thumb twiddling. I managed to steal a few hours away the past couple of days to produce some new tote bags - a very limited run. 5 of one Design and 4 of the other. Nice to get my hands dirty again. We all bought some tote's for Nation of Shopkeepers - Freshers Fair, which is taking place all day Monday & Tuesday next week. We'll be selling numerous goodies. I decided to try and screen print mine. We haven't got an exposure unit at the moment - so I had to do it the hard way - basically hand painting drawing fluid onto the screen. Takes some time. But it does come up some nice unexpected results, i.e. adding textures to your design - nuances etc. It's only predictable up to a point, which in a way frustrates me - as I messed up my first design and didn't have the steam to do it again - so settled for a simple alternative for the remaining bags. I mixed and printed a deep navy blue to compliment the Ivory coloured bags. I have mixed feelings about the results, maybe next time I'll go somewhere with an exposure unit and see if that makes me feel any better about it. It's nice but not what I had in mind as the designs I produced are relatively clean and bold - I'm not positive the additions add anything to it. Maybe with an alternative design sympathetic of the process would suffice.

here's a snap anyway. I'll be selling them for around £4 - £6 - yet to decide.

There's a couple of things I'd like to go to this weekend if I had the opportunity. Both in London, 'Publish and be damned' and 'Whitechapel book fair'. Chums of ours David Steans and Hardeep Pandhal (Formerly / Collectively Xymphora) have a very nice zine published through Famicon Express who have an amazing array of zines & a table at the event - so go check that out. I'm sure there's going to be loads of Gems.

I'm going to go a few things here in Leeds Expo Leeds is on and Paul Rooney has a film playing at the Monolithic new Leeds Met building, which I'm definately going to watch. There's also a new space opening which I'm intrigued by - an old Church converted into an arts space.

Ta Ta !

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