Friday, 7 August 2009


I'm on
tender hooks writing my blog this week. My computer is still antagonising me. It works for a period of time then persists in flipping out and making all sorts of crazy things happen. My screen keeps entering dashboard, the volume goes up and down - it writes 2's, 1's and 0's sporadically. Any advice on what might be going wrong would be much appreciated...

We've had much business to attend to this week, which is amazing, feels great to be busy, and mixing it up spending equivalent amounts of time on commercial and personal practice. When in this frame of mind / frame of practice, what you're producing really informs everything else you're doing, seems to keep the ideas fresh. I can't really say enough for being productive, it really does give you a different perspective, the processes you are working with are just - if not more - informative than sitting and conjuring ideas in mind - physical information!

Anyway in between all this messy business I've been making more messy business, working on artwork for our massive contact show. Here's a few snaps:

I've been painting a scale replica of our bookshelf, essentially a homage to all those we've felt it necessary to purchase a book from / of. I've made a series of drawings of Victorian men with sparrows. A stack of painted wood with my a backwards alphabet on. Some plush versions of my drawings, handmade hand painted. I'll be hand rendering some images onto the wall in the exhibition and have one more very simple installation produced by the exhibition. I may also frame some of the 'Yuquot - Nootka Trail' originals.

I'm very chuffed - to say the least - with how well the plush toys came out. I never thought it would be within my capabilities to create these and them turn out just the way I wanted them too. It's very refreshing to surprise yourself from time to time. Try things out!

We've had a tremendous week, tiring but tremendous. The other guys have really inspired me this week, with their visual treats they've brought in to the studio - alot of the work we've produced has been at home on an evening. Feel very informed by the other chaps at the moment - makes for good collaborative practice even if we arn't physically creating work together.

Have a fun weekend, thankyou for reading, again any thoughts on my computer problem would be appreciated.

j x

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