Friday, 28 August 2009


Haven't really got an awful lot to say this week. This week we've just had a bit of a catch-up fest in the studio.

Wanted to say sorry to Dawn as someone had pointed out - I called Dawn who curated our show in Newcastle - Ruth. I'm putting this down to tiredness and meeting alot of people wthin a very short period of time between Newcastle & London. Excuses aside - I'm Sorry.

We're currently working on promotional material for this year's Light Night - a large scale one night art festival held in Leeds every year - there's over 80 events on the one evening this year so it'll be the biggest one to date. As well as ploughing on putting together a promotional package for the Leeds Universities: Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery for a show coming up featuring a contemporary art from the Lodeveans Collection. Both are proving challenging, with restricted budgets and us aiming quite ambitiously high in our production specifications. A challenge is always good for the create juices though. Hard work though.

I've also been chasing stock left right and centre for the re-launch of 'theartmarket' we're all chipping in getting it off the ground and I've been given the task of sourcing zines / artists books. Also an exciting challenge. Currently located stock from Analogue Books, Islands Fold, Cafe Royal, Its Nice That, Nieves, Soyfriends. So there should be a nice selection for the opening, still ploughin on though, so there'll be more to follow and it'll be the only place in Leeds stocking any of these types of publications - can't wait.

I'll be spending most of the day tomorrow painting / fixing, getting hands on in the new space which is always fun. Then I'll be spending the remaining part of my weekend entertaining my mum and brother - who have travelled over from the Isle of man for the bank holiday to spend some time with me. Nice!

Hopefully I'll manage to steal a few moments next week to get sit back and do some investigation. Until then here's some pictures of my pieces from our Newcastle show 'Massive Contact'

Good day & Good Weekend!

J x

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