Friday, 19 June 2009


Not much to report this week, I've been living in a Book bubble, composing pages and finishing up 'Lot Nine' for print. Fun times selecting papers and pages. We'll be launching the book next Saturday (27th June) at Project Space Leeds, coinciding with the closing of the 'Morphic Resonance' show. Close-Launch. The book details our activities over the 12 weeks we've been in the space, lot nine. Our space has transformed over the period of 12 weeks, not specifically working towards anything in particular, just partaking in some creative action. We started off with just desks in the space working on various ideas, which were placed on the walls. We then decided to camp in the space for a few nights which transformed the aesthetic / atmosphere of the space, inviting other artists to stay with us or simply stay late and hang out, Will tattooed some people, Nic built some giant legs and I watched super8 films and made drawings based on them. This and the show coming towards the more formal 6 week exhibition period of the project led us to seperate the space by creating a bubble wrap ad-hoc studio tent in the middle. Exhibiting work we had produced around the tent, on the walls, so there was a seperation between us working and us exhibiting, we didn't want to leave the space and let it become a lifeless exhibition, a simple posit of our activity, so we decided to stay and carry on working. The book will have a short edition of 25, but we may re-publish it at some point if it proves popular. Its going to be packaged in the actual bubble wrap of the tent we created as our studio, containing it as we were contained by its parameters. There's 96 pages in reference to the days we spent in this project, so a page for each day, but its not strictly chronological. The dimensions of the book are the same as the floor space, but scaled down and perfect bound with light weight off-white recycled paper. The space for the opening will be empty apart from the book, we'll white out the walls and have the books sitting precariously in the centre of the space alone, apart from one wall with the spreads printed in black & white revealing the content to the viewers. You should keep hush about this because we were supposed to be keeping the books peramiters ambiguous, but I have nothing much else to talk about and this feels like an appropriate cathartic clensing of my soul after working on it so much over the last couple of weeks.

I've made a decision regarding my zine now. I'm actually going to focus on it for a while. I've been debating themes, names, content, methods, for a long while now. I'm annoying myself about it. So i'm focussing on it and whether it's what I want it to be or not I'm doing it. It is going to be called 'Yuquot - Nootka Trail' based on friendly cove work. It will be a rather fat zine, it will all be produced using brush & ink and bits of pencil. IT WILL!...

Here's an image I've started concentrating on, I'm doing it right now. Its an Indian chief who was on his holidays meeting a European explorer...

Got some nice music I got off Will. 'Venus in Cancer' by Robbie Basho amazing melodies.

Since my last post I have watched Twin Peaks movie which was incredible, there's a soundtrack playing all the way through the entire movie which made the feeling the scenes evoked intense, relentlessly impassioned and fuelled with suspense. It's much much darker than the series and much more surreal. There's alot of metaphorical dreamy scenes which knit in and out of the narrative, which to my surprise, me being very cynical about dream sequences in general, were not out of place or far fetched at all. Having only watched the first series, it gives the killer away, shocking-shocking-shocking but yeah! Horrible stuff but a really good film.

Other than that I have nothing to say, I will hopefully have dug out some interesting nuggets for next post, I'm looking forward to getting back into researching this week.

Have a lovely weekend...


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