Friday, 12 June 2009


I've just had the opportunity to watch the ENTIRE! first series of Twin Peaks within about 2-3 days, marathon back to back sessions. Created by David Lynch & Mark Frost in 1990, following Agent Cooper (Played by Kyle MacLachlan) & Co attempting to discover the murderer of a local school girl with a mysterious background. I can't recommend watching this enough, I'm really looking forward to watching the Movie and the second series, although I hear the second series isn't as good. David Lynch stopped directing it halfway through and the network forced them to reveal the identity of the killer to boost ratings, sounds like a recipe for disaster. I'm going to watch it anyway and draw my own conclusion. There really isn't much I can legitimately criticize about it, the dialogue is amazing (I can't stress this enough), its a mixture of humor and dark drama, there's enough suspense to make a person cringe until they turn all sultana-like, ALL the characters are well constructed and all have in their constituent parts complex/interesting roles to play. If you haven't seen it already, most people have, I suggest you watch it. Its basically fun for everyone.

Something I want to see:

This has probably been widely blogged already, my undiscerning eye doesn't catch everything on the radar. Anyway... it's a documentary about lots of amazing San Fransisco based outsider (not so outsider now) artists. I say 'not so outsider now' because they carry alot of contemporary artists in their wake, I'm probably one of them. Not that they the beautiful losers shouldn't still be considered outsider artists. They're some of my favourite artists working in various disciplines. I don't want to big any up above another, but you can check the link above to find out who's in it. I romanticize about about SF to quite an unhealthy degree. So I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

Recently I read 'Design as art' by Bruno Munari, really good read, something you can dip into and out of as well, which is something I like in a book. It's a series of short essays about designs role in society and how it should be utilised to make peoples lives better as well as a few case studies on other cultures and objects. Here's a quote from the book "There should be no such thing as art divorced from life, with beautiful things to look at and hideous things to use" and another snippet of another quote I found particularly poignant; on designers "...he works in such a way to re-establish contact between art and the public, because he has the humility and ability to respond to what ever demand is made of him by the society in which he lives... he responds to the needs of his time...". The essays on Japan and Japanese culture I found very interesting, this book also helped me to establish relatively accurately why I like certain things and equally why I dislike other, enlightening!

'Yuquot' - Where the wind blows in all directions.
A shameless (shameful) bit of self promo here for my 'Friendly Cove' print it's launched on 22nd June and is limited to an edition of 30, £40 + P&P. Here is link to the place the title of the print is based on: Yuquot. A Cove on a small Island off the Coast of British Columbia, a holiday resort for indians over 4000 years ago.

You can purchase one right > here

I've just over the last couple of days been screen printing one of my motifs that I have been doing for some time a 'Z - A' alphabet, aptly titled 'Z - A' I may or may not sell these online at some point, might keep them for more personal encounters. I had to draw it straight onto the mesh with drawing fluid, felt pretty good affording some time to do some manual print work after just having to send files off to printers to produce for some time now. Took me 3 attempts to get the screen right, but it was worth it, I'm really pleased with the results, using that luminous ink makes me smile. I'm going to get Will to Tattoo this on my right arm at some point too. Sorry about the crap camera phone photo:

I'm just going to dish out some respect for my last post. Himaa, who has a zine out with neives and has just launched another self published one called "1299" which I REALLY REALLY WANT. I think his work is incredible, the recent sculptural work in his exhibition "Installation set" in Kyoto, well is err... just... makes me speechless, apart from sighs & moans about how much better he is than me. Here's a little bag he made, Good day!

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