Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pick Me Up / Burton Gallery

Bespoke display stands for 'Pick Me Up' at Somerset house, this was essentially our installation. Consisting of 4 boxes and a Print & publication tree. The tree was designed as a free standing display unit, as we weren't able to fix anything to the walls of our given room. Keen eyed folks, with a knowledge of our self-published material will notice lots of new items, which will be appearing & available on our website soon.

Design package for Leeds University 'Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery' show 'Obsession: Contemporary art from the Lodeveans collection'

A single line was used to create multiple different patterns to be applied to various different printed material. All were finished with an archival sticker applied to the front. The catalogue features two A5 litho printed books, one with essay's 'words' and one with images from the collection 'images', the books are wrapped in a fold-out poster, which documents all pieces in the Lodeveans collection.